French soldiers suspected of sexually abusing children in Africa a minimum age of 8 years old victims

French Defense Ministry on April 29, said the French government is investigating the United Nations a report on French soldiers in the Central African Republic sexual assault of children. According to the leaked report last year, several children at the time of the French soldiers ask for food and money have been raped, the victim youngest only 8 years old.
French Defense Ministry said in a statement that the French government was informed by the end of July last year, "the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights over the French soldiers had identified sexual assault of children." French prosecutors subsequent investigation.
Defense Department vowed to take action to ensure that "find the truth," and those responsible punished, "the most severe punishment." The French government said that since August 1 last year, France has sent several investigators went to the Central African Republic.
According to the report, sexual assault case occurred between December 2013 to June 2014, it is believed that close to the airport about 10 children in the Central African Republic capital Bangui refugees gather at a sexual assault.
UN spokesman Farhan Haq confirmed the news, saying the United Nations human rights investigators last year received more than French soldiers raped the child "identified serious", the ensuing investigation.
Child sexual assault investigation report in July last year was the OHCHR staff leaked, headquartered in the United States, "World without AIDS" organization to the British "Guardian" disclosed by the "Guardian." Head of "World without AIDS" organized Paula Donovan said that the report included an interview with six aged 8-15 years old children, those children had French soldiers demanded food.
Donovan said: "These children said they hungry, want to go to the soldiers there some food, however, their answer is: 'If you do those things, I will give you to eat.'"
As for what "those things" that Donovan did not elaborate.
"The Guardian" said the leak is believed to OHCHR staff Swede Anders Kompass. He once referred to the report of the French authorities, because of his evil boss for sexual assault of children indifferent.
Statement by the United Nations, before the documents leaked, has not been submitted to senior officials of OHCHR. Currently, Kompass has been suspended and may be fired for breach of agreement.